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Many Luthiers (perhaps yourself?), grind these tools out of old files or other reclaimed steels out of necessity. While this can work in a pinch, those reclaimed steels do not have the optimum performance that a professional needs. With field tests and input from violin makers, I forged this popular yet hard to find tool to try to fill the void in the market and offer a professional grade version of this gouge with high grade steel heat treated for best performance at the bench.


3 laminate construction (1095, Mild, White #2)


3.5mm Thickness

20mm Edge

14mm Back

110mm Length

30° Bevel


DISCLAIMER: My knife products are shipped out to you VERY sharp. They can potentially hurt someone, and I don't want them to. It's my job to forge it, but YOURS and YOURS ALONE to exercise caution and correct usage of my knives.


Hand Forged Luthier's Fitting Gouge (3 laminate)

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