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I forge my bridge knives from solid Yasuki white paper #2 steel, which gives the optimum performance for edge retention when dealing with hard woods such as maple. Also, since these knives are smaller and thinner and more prone to breaking the tips off, I temper them slightly higher than my larger luthier tools for increased resiliance.
All of my violin making tools are tested by professional luthiers for quality control and optimized dimensions.
Dimensions of the bridge knives are as follows: 

My tools are shipped with a rough grind and will require a proper setup by the user to their preferences. 

DISCLAIMER: My tools and knives are very pointy. They can potentially hurt you or others, and I don't want them to. It's my job to forge it, but YOURS and YOURS ALONE to exercise caution and correct usage of my knives.

Hand Forged Luthier's Bridge Knife

SKU: 002
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