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Thorsson Blades

Hand Forged Knives and Luthier Tools

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Mats Thureson


Swedish craftsmanship in the USA

Thorsson blades was created with the idea of bringing a high standard of knives, bladesmithing classes, and friendly service to you. I offer knives that I forge myself in my shop, as well as classes in bladesmithing (and more!) offered at Generator Makerspace in Burlington, Vermont.

I empathize and understand that everyone learns at their own pace. I personally would find myself frustrated with large lecture type classes. This would often lead to my falling behind and becoming disinterested in the subject. I will always take the time to provide one-on-one teaching time with each student. Everyone deserves to be taught on an individual level so that they may ask questions directly and gain as much knowledge as they can.

Thank you for visiting!

Mats Thureson

Owner of Thorsson Blades

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